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Let It Be.


There isn’t gray days, all are the same. Who gives them color is you.

I’m so excited to further my understanding of Buddhism in a country where most of its population practices it. And I’m extremely excited that my husband wants to study and practice it with me as well. It’s going to be a dream!


introductory paragraph of my essay:



Some women want to be house wives and some women want to be Harvard professors and some women want to be porn stars and some women want to be nuns and some women want to be surgeons and there is nothing wrong with anyone’s profession I am sick of people being rude to women about their professions oh my god

I can’t decide if I want to get my ring sized again. I don’t know if they didn’t go small enough the first time or if it’s just too top heavy and that’s why it keeps rotating? Has any one else had this problem? I want to do it before I leave for Japan but last time it took a week so I guess I should decide soon.


Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.

I just remembered that at my wedding my husband went around and made anyone who was wearing a fedora take it off before I could see it because of the deep deep hatred I have for fedoras and if you don’t think that’s beautiful you’re wrong.

I'm Trisha. 20. Florida. Next stop is Japan. My handsome husband just happens to be in the USAF.
Instagram = @triiishala

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